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Down on the historic South Beach neighborhood of Miami, there are a myriad of hotel options to choose from, especially for those looking for a true luxury experience. With that in mind, one potential opportunity to keep in mind is 1 South Beach Hotel, located on 2341 Collins Avenue. Just on the northern outskirts of the South Beach neighborhood, this location allows for a quiet retreat while not at all being isolated from the hopping nightlife you’ll find just a little south on Ocean Drive.

1 South Beach Hotel, the Miami branch of the New York City hotel chain, is considered one of the top luxury hotels on Miami Beach and is especially praised for its emphasis on comfort and keeping a low-key atmosphere, a stark contrast from the hustle and bustle just a couple of blocks down the road.

The Hotel Rooms

The base accommodation is the King Room, which immediately steps you into the high class you associate with the South Beach scene. The 700 square foot room is centered around a king-sized bed that the hotel assures is made from the highest-quality material, including a custom hemp-blend mattress, organic cotton sheets and an oak platform.

The room itself is beautifully decorated, with driftwood walls and a glass terrarium to touch up the place. The bathroom is also immaculate in its triple-filtered shower.

These rooms are available from $279 a night. There’s also the variation of the King Room With Balcony, which has all the same amenities but also provides a private balcony where you can get a good view towards downtown Miami. The balcony comes fully furnished with a lounge seat and a small table with two chairs.

The King Room With Balcony can be had for as little as $321 a night. As we climb up the ladder, we reach the Ocean View King With Balcony, which is a 650 square foot room with a view towards the beach. This room has all the same amenities as the lower-priced rooms, with the exception of an admittedly great view of the Atlantic Ocean. You can find this room for $563 a night.

The real upgrade comes if you splurge for the Studio Suite, a 700 square foot space that includes a dining table for four, a full kitchen, and an in-room washer and dryer, which is a huge asset to have if you’re planning on being active in Miami for an extended period of time. This accommodation is actually available for $471 a night, which is a great value considering the added amenities this room offers.

Prices quickly rise as you climb up the suite ladder, with the Ocean View One Bedroom Suite With Balcony, 1000 square feet worth of it, running you at least $814 a night, and the Ocean Front Two Bedroom Suite With Balcony, which is a whopping 1700 square foot area, available for $2,739 a night.

At the very top is the Presidential Suite, which is almost a requisite for a luxury hotel on the beach these days. That room is 3500 square feet, with two king bed sleeping spaces, extra fabrics and plant decorations all over, two and a half bathrooms, a high-quality wooden dining table, a media room, a pool table and a sitting room.

Similarly in keeping with tradition, you have to ask the hotel directly for a price on that space.


Usually, a luxury hotel with more than one pool is already a good perk. With that in mind, 1 Hotel South Beach boasts four different swimming pools. The headliner is Watr at the 1 Rooftop, a small hideaway pool situated at the 18th floor.

1 Hotel South Beach claims this is the only hotel on Miami Beach’s beachfront to have a rooftop pool, and it’s certainly a unique eye-catcher to have in your party arsenal. The main Center Pool down on the ground floor is huge, with 30,000 square feet of real estate to work with.

The Center Pool is surrounded by cabanas and day beds, in addition to a poolside bar that serves appetizers and drinks daily. There is also the South Pool, a smaller ground-floor beachfront-adjacent pool, and the Cabana Pool, a private pool on the third floor with 10 cabanas, two “ultra cabanas” and some wood and fabric flourishes around the area.

If you’re planning a big meet-up, the 1 South Beach Hotel also has you covered, with several huge spaces dedicated to functions and celebrations. The main place to have your activity is at The Terra Ballroom, a 6,500 square foot space that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests.

The ballroom includes eight side rooms and a stunning green wall made of living moss 20 feet high. For smaller affairs, there is the 2,300 square foot Junior Ballroom, 14 smaller meeting rooms, the Private Beach Club on the beach-side, or the North East Terrace, which also has a view right onto the ocean.

Nightlife and Dining

Just as the rest of the hotel, its dining options also embrace a nature-focused perspective while maintaining the class and luxury you expect of hotels in this area. Its big ticket in terms of eating options is PLNTHOUSE, a restaurant headed up by Matthew Kenney, a world-renowned plant-based chef.

PLNTHOUSE menu is centered around healthy juices and smoothies paired with dishes that contribute to personal fitness. The decor also dips you into a “green” state of mind, with hanging plants scattered about the dining area. If you need a more heavy dinner, STK is 1 Hotel South Beach’s contribution to the steakhouse genre, putting an emphasis on local ingredients.

For drinking and more exotic fare, the hotel has a small bar at the rooftop where you can enjoy Polynesian and Japanese dishes (with a focus on seafood) in a secluded experience. That area tries to put a focus on spirituality and as a results exhibits the “chill” atmosphere you’ll find all over the premises.

When you consider the sometimes hectic nature of hanging out in South Beach, you want the hotel experience to be a place where one can truly unwind, and 1 Hotel South Beach is perfect in that regard. All the natural materials, as well as an emphasis on friendly staff and having all the expected comforts, contributes to such an experience, and makes 1 Hotel South Beach highly recommended.

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