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Hotelstyl.com is owned and operated by AlchemyIX.com.

Our mission is to write quality reviews for luxury hotels around the world. Some of our articles are full reviews while others are lists such as, “Best 8 Hotels Near Disney World, Orlando.”

Here’s what our reviews are based upon:

  • Room ambiance and decor
  • Hotel customer service
  • Amenities such pool hours, daycare, free breakfast, valet parking, etc.
  • Activities such nightlife, restaurants, and shopping
  • Location and proximity to destinations (such as the airport or tourist areas)
  • Pricing compared to other hotels in the area
  • Overall customer experience based on reviews available online

We’re constantly searching for new hotels to review. If you’d like to write for us or have a suggestion, we’re happy to check it out!

You can reach us through email:  [email protected]

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